A pleasant, somewhat isolated village, Kommetjie has a scenic 45-minute walk down Long Beach that leads to the wreck of the Kakapo, a steamship that ran aground on her maiden voyage in 1900. This is a surfer's paradise, with some really big waves, a few gentler breaks, and for swimmers, a dangerous undertow. Because of a few muggings on Long Beach a couple of years back, people generally walk here in groups or in couples in the early mornings and at sundown.


Long Beach

A vast expanse of white sand stretching 6½ km (4 miles) from the base of Chapman's Peak to Kommetjie, this…

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Imhoff Farm

This historic Cape farmstead offers a hodgepodge of shops and activities, including an excellent if small wineshop, a deli-style farm…

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Slangkop Point Lighthouse

If you don't have security in numbers, instead of visiting Long Beach, walk instead to the Slangkoppunt Lighthouse. At 111…

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