Jing'an and Changing

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Shanghai's glitziest malls are on or near the main street in this area, Nanjing Xi Lu. If you're into designer threads, luxury spas, or expensive brunches, you can satisfy your spending urges and max out your credit here. For those of a more spiritual bent, Jing'an Temple, which is as gilded as its surroundings, is one of Shanghai's largest temples and stands in sharp contrast to its materialistic neighbors. The small Jing'an Park across the street is popular with couples. Behind the temple is an interesting network of back streets. Sandwiched between Hongqiao, Gubei, and Jing’an is Changning District, which has a number of quiet, very local neighborhoods alongside commercial hubs.



Built in 1933, the Paramount was considered the finest dance hall in Asia. Until 1949, the so-called "Gate of 100…

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Jing’an Temple

Originally built about AD 300, this temple has had a tumultuous history of destruction and rebuilding, with a brief stint…

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Moller Villa

Built by Swedish shipping magnate Eric Moller in 1936, this massive villa resembles a fairy-tale castle. It's a surprising sight…

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