Núcleo Arqueologico da Rua dos Correeiros

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Núcleo Arqueologico da Rua dos Correeiros

More than 2,500 years of history has been uncovered at this archaeological treasure trove hidden beneath a bank on one of Lisbon's busiest shopping streets. The buried network of tunnels occupies almost a whole block in Lisbon's historic center, and was unearthed in the 1990s during excavation works carried out by Millennium BCP, the bank to whom the site belongs. The digs revealed homes and artifacts from the Roman, Visigoth, Islamic, medieval, and Pombaline periods, and much of the space appears to have been used as a major-scale Roman fish-salting factory. It was later used as a Christian burial ground, and there's even a well-preserved skeleton to be seen. Free guided visits (in English or Portuguese) lead visitors through underground walkways, catching a glimpse of how post-earthquake foundations were laid for the Pombaline buildings that still stand proud today. Free tours in English leave roughly every two hours, on the hour; arrive at least 30 minutes before to book your place, as space is (quite literally) limited.


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