Timing and Precautions


Timing and Precautions

If you are pressed for time, you can explore the city in a day, getting the lay of the land and a feel for the people of Cape Town while visiting or skipping sights as your interests dictate. However, if you'd like to linger in various museums and galleries, you could easily fill two or three days. Start at about 9, when most workers have finished their commute, and then stop for a long, leisurely lunch, finishing the tour in the late afternoon. If you have to head out of town on either the N1 or N2, be sure to depart before 4, when rush-hour congestion takes over.

Except for the top end of Long Street and around Heritage Square where there are lots of bars and cafés, the city center is very quiet at night, and you are advised not to wander the streets after dark. The last commuters leave around 6 (note that the city center can also be deserted on weekends). The biggest threat is being mugged for your cell phone, jewelry, or money. Fortunately many of the old city buildings are being converted into upscale apartments, thus rejuvenating the city center.


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