Timing and Precautions

It would be easy for nature lovers to spend days in the park. Most visitors spend a minimum of three hours to go up Table Mountain (by cable car), and another half day to visit Cape Point. For the fit, hiking up Table Mountain (and taking the cable car down) is a far more rewarding experience but requires good weather and at least half a day. To experience the wild beauty of Cape Point, a full day is recommended to visit the point (by funicular), walk to the Cape of Good Hope, and explore the gorgeous empty beaches around Olifantsbos or Platboom. Within Cape Point, the main safety issue is baboons: they are dangerous and should not be messed with. Do not feed them. Much of the park is bordered by city neighborhoods, and muggings can occur in isolated areas. Don't walk alone, and don't carry valuables if you can avoid it. Finally, when hiking on the mountain, be aware that dramatic weather changes can (and probably will) occur, so regardless of conditions when you set out, always carry extra layers of clothing, water, a hat, and sunscreen.


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